Somatic Tarot Deck


The Somatic Tarot Tarot tells two stories.



In one story, the Tarot tells the future.

We ask, “Will I fall in love?” “Will I be successful?” or “Will everything turn out the way I want?” The thing is: when we limit our questions to merely “tell the future”, we lock ourselves out of the deeper stories the Tarot can provide.

When we liberate the Tarot from these limited, projected future ideas, it is then the Tarot tells you a different story. When you do this, the Tarot will tell a story of your soul’s development: stories of challenges met or unmet, stories of actions and consequences.

Stories nourish. Stories heal. And the Tarot offers you stories that do both. And, not only for you. The Tarot, used with care and discernment, offers all of us ways to feed the embodied revolution. This is the chief reason I created and designed The Somatic Tarot. This deck was destined to be different from traditional decks:

  • There are no white men and women on horses. In fact, there are no people at all. The archetypes of each of the 78 cards of the Tarot are manifested via channeled elemental symbols.

  • The royal hierarchy of Pages, Knights, Kings, and Queens have been renamed Heroes, Luminaries, Origins, and Creators.

  • And, instead of disks, cups, wands, and swords, this deck speaks in the language of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

The descriptions of each deck are offered portals to a liberated future. Each archetype is a gateway to examine the structures of oppressive systems and how we have internalized them, because without carefully examining where we are, we cannot move with clarity towards what we long for.

I was hungry for a deck like this. And so in early 2019 I began the process of creating the images and writing each card's story, carefully peeling apart the layers of ingrained bias and limited thinking in each card until I could touch the beauty at the core. That's what I designed as the image, and that's what I wrote as the description. The process of writing and designing these cards over nearly 2 years has shifted me in ways I could not have imagined. I am so honored to share them with you. 

  • These cards are for anyone who believes in a liberated future. 

  • These cards are for people who are new to the Tarot, or those who have an established connection with the practice of reading Tarot.

  • These cards are for anyone hungry for the stories that nourish an embodied revolution. 

  • These are cards that speak in the language of the body - in heartbeats, in the inherent boundary of skin, and in the resilience of bones.

  • These are cards that tell us stories of belonging and original relationships.

  • These are cards that tell us of the wisdom that flows in our veins and is carried in every breath.

  • This is a deck that nourishes and fuels the embodied revolution. And, that’s definitely a story worth telling.





  • This 3.5x5” deck includes 78 cards printed in double-sided, full color on high-quality card stock with a glossy durable finish. The cards are edged in gold foil. 

  • Each deck comes with a printed book of descriptions of each of the 78 cards. 

  • The deck and book come in a zippered pouch made of 100% unbleached cotton and hand-printed with the Eye of the Multiverse that is on the back of each card

  • Card titles are in Spanish and English



The Somatic Tarot has sold out of multiple printings and has been sold in 9 countries. It went out of print in 2022, but I’m bringing back a small edition to help fund my upcoming book tour throughout the US and Canada. There are only 25 copies available. 

Pre-Orders are open until September 3rd, and decks will be mailed as soon as they arrive from the printers. Customers will be kept informed on expected delivery times - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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